Where is the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive

WhatsApp backup is uploaded to a Google Drive folder that is not normally accessible to the user (and also not accessible by opening the app from an Android device). To reach it, we will first have to open a browser on our PC and enter drive.google.com. We will get to this screen:

Google Drive’s main interfaceGoogle Drive’s main interface

Then click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:

Google Drive’s configuration cogwheelGoogle Drive’s configuration cogwheel

In the menu that will be displayed, click on Settings:

Google Drive’s configuration menuGoogle Drive’s configuration menu

The following screen will appear. There, click on Manage Apps:

Google Drive’ settingsGoogle Drive’ settings

In the list we will see next, scroll down until we reach the WhatsApp Messenger option:

Google Drive applicationsGoogle Drive applications

If you click on Options, you will only see one option:

Google Drive’s WhatsApp configuration optionsGoogle Drive’s WhatsApp configuration options

The only thing you can do is disconnect your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive; you cannot download your messages (they are encrypted) and they are completely inaccessible.

The only purpose of this data is to provide you with the ability to retrieve any content you may have generated when you change devices. If you unlink WhatsApp from your Google Drive, you will no longer be able to make backups, and any data you may have will be deleted.

The next time you log in to WhatsApp, you will see a warning that your backup has been disabled and you will need to go through the Google log-in process again with the app to get it back on Google Drive. This means that if you fail to do so, if you change phones and reinstall WhatsApp, you will lose all your conversations and you will have to start from scratch.