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Windows Repair is a small application that has been developed to wipe out registry and file permission errors. Download Windows Repair right now to your PC


Repair any system errors

April 9, 2019
8 / 10

The maintenance of your operating system is very important if you don't want your computer to stop working properly. That's why applications like Windows Repair have been designed.

Five steps to fix the system

  • Before anything else you have to make sure you clean any infection. Trying to repair an infected computer can have grave consequences.
  • Check the file system. Locate and fix corrupt files to avoid future errors.
  • Check the system files.
  • Create a system restore copy. To avoid that any change during the maintenance process ends up causing a system problem.
  • Carry out the repair.

With regard to the maintenance process in itself, Windows Repair affects several specific areas of the operating system to make sure that it works in the best possible way. These are:

  • The registry and the files permissions.
  • The file system.
  • The windows firewall.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • MDAC and MS Jet.
  • Icons.
  • Show hidden files that aren't system files.
  • And much more.

The result of all these modifications and actions has as a consequence a computer that works much quicker and without any errors, thus it's advisable to download and install Windows Repair.

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