Windows Vista SP2

Service Pack 2

Now you can download Windows Vista SP2 for free, the second pack of updates for Windows Vista and Server 2008, and improve how it works on your computer


Second update pack for Windows Vista

May 26, 2009
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With the arrival of the second Service Pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, both operating systems by Microsoft reached their maximum level, thanks to the innovations included in this update.

Second pack of updates for Vista

As well as including all the security patches launched to that date, this update contains improvements that have to do with the hardware, among which we'll point out the support for VIA 64-bit processors and to burn Blu-ray discs, the improvement of the exFAT support and the compatibility with Bluetooth 2.1 and Windows Connect Now.

With regard to the system's general performance, they have improved the suspended mode when there isn't a Wi-Fi available, the performance of the RSS gadget and they have also introduced the Windows Search 4 tool.

We also have to highlight an improvement to the system's administration. They have also improved the error and error message management, as well as the detection of incompatible drivers.

The pack solves the problems that existed with the DRM by Windows Media Player and presents some interesting innovations such as a lower resource use by the gadgets or Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless. Download Windows Vista SP2 for free and update your operating system to discover all the innovations and enhance the performance of your OS.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The download is only compatible with 32-bit (Windows Vista and Server 2008) operating systems.
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