WinHide.SB WinHide.SB is an application that allows us to hide open windows by using keyboard shortcuts. Set up the software and hide any windows that you need to
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At one time or another, we may need to hide what we are doing on a PC, whether because we are chatting while at work or we need to get up from our desk and don't want prying eyes looking at our monitor. To avoid being seen or caught out, we can use a tool like WinHide.SB.

Don't get caught out on your PC

This is an application that allows us to set up a series of keyboard shortcuts, which will allow us to make any desktop window disappear in a matter of seconds, thereby ensuring that nobody can see what we are doing.

Main features

  • Hide any visible program windows you want to, including the taskbar.
  • Hide programs in Task Manager.
  • When the 'Hide an active window' is turned on, an 'anti-boss' shortcut is added that closes the main window.
  • Set up a list of software that will be closed automatically when the shortcut is used.
  • The official icon of an app can be changed to hide it.

The application is very easy to use since all we need to do to master it is set up combinations of keys and remember them when they are needed.

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
SB Games
6 months ago
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