Take your CD and DVD images and transform them into ISO images with WinISO. Handle images in various formats or perform conversions by downloading WinISO

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The majority of CD and DVD image files are usually in ISO format, that is exactly the format that WinISO is prepared for. This software has been developed with the intention of generating and handling CD images, this is something that is very handy if we don't want to burn the CD right away, but we do want to obtain an image that is ready to be burnt.

  WinISO's interface is very similar to that of any other compression software, specially because it works in a very similar manner: grouping various files into an ISO format container. Since it uses this kind of interface, it is a lot easier for users to be able to handle it and be able to quickly dominate the application.

  On the other hand, WinISO is capable of managing CD images in ISO, BIN, NRG, CIF, VDF and FCD format, opening them, changing their format and performing various additional tasks.

  This software can be very useful when a disc image is downloaded from the Internet, and we want to check or access its contents without having to burn it or load it with a virtual unit.

  All in all, WinISO is an ideal complement for any burning software, that will help us to handle, convert and edit disc images without any problem.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version doesn't allow you to extract files that are bigger than 3 MB, it doesn't allow to convert or save images that are bigger than 100 MB either.
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