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WinMend History Cleaner detects and deletes all the information saved in the Windows history files and in a large amount of applications and browsers


Delete the obsolete and private information stored in the Windows history files

May 8, 2019
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When you use a computer for a long amount of time, it starts to accumulate large amounts of personal and also obsolete information in the history files of both the operating system as well as in many other applications. To get rid of those files you can use WinMend History Cleaner.

From a very clear and easy-to-use interface, WinMend History Cleaner will allow you to select a wide range of operating system elements to analyze them and then delete all the information from the history files.

Delete information from your PC's history

As well as the history files stored by the system, WinMend History Cleaner also allows you to delete the history information from the main web browsers on the market and from a large range of software applications, among which you will be able to find all those that form part of Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader, 7-Zip and Winamp, to name just a few.

Once the hard drive has been analyzed in search of the relevant information, WinMend History Cleaner will allow you to select which information you want to delete and which you want to keep, thus offering complete customization of the process.

Therefore, if you want a program that will allow you to delete all the history files from your computer, download and try WinMend History Cleaner.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version allows you to scan the hard drive in search of the obsolete data, but it doesn't allow you to delete them.
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