How to install WinRAR

Installing WinRAR is very simple. The first thing you must do is download its file on your computer. To do this, use the link on this page. With it, you will enjoy a free, fast, and totally safe download.

The WinRAR installer is in a compressed folder. If you use a 32-bit processor, run wrar591.exe. On the contrary, if you have a 64-bit processor, use WinRAR-x64-591.exe.

WinRAR installersWinRAR installers

In the window that will appear, click on Install to start the installation.

Start installing WinRARStart installing WinRAR

In the end, WinRAR allows you to customize the user experience to some extent. First, choose what type of files you want to open with WinRAR. This can be useful if you want to use this compressor with a particular extension. But it is also possible to associate it with a long list of formats.

Select the associated extensionsSelect the associated extensions

In the Interface field, specify if you want to have a shortcut on the desktop, add WinRAR to the start menu, and if the installer should create a group within it.

Interface optionsInterface options

Finally, enable or disable Windows 10 and File Explorer integration options. If you enable these functions, you will be able to use WinRAR quickly by right-clicking and scrolling the browser context menu. Some of the quick functions allow you to create compressed folders and extract files.

System integrationSystem integration

To finish the installation, select Ok.

Complete the installationComplete the installation

Remember that WinRAR is a paid application. Therefore, you will have to buy a license for use. On the last screen of the installer, click on Order. If you want to start the free trial, use the Done button

Window to purchase a licenseWindow to purchase a license

After following these steps, WinRAR will be installed and configured on your computer, ready to be used for the first time.