How to unpack a file with WinRAR

There are several alternatives to unpack a file using WinRAR. We are assuming that you have already installed the software on your computer; if you have not, go ahead and install it to continue:

  • Files compatible with WinRAR and whose extensions have been associated with this program will appear on your PC with the WinRAR icon. To open them, all you have to do is double click on them. This will open a window where you only have to select Extract at the top (the folder icon) and a destination folder. You can also drag and drop files from the WinRAR interface to any directory on your PC.
  • Another way to open files with WinRAR is to go directly to the software and locate the compressed files there, using your file browser. Once selected, click Extract in the upper part of the interface and choose the folder to which you want to save the content; you will find several options in that pop-up window.
  • The third option is to use the Windows context menu. If you have enabled this option during the installation, the Windows context menu will contain shortcuts to WinRAR. Among those shortcuts, you will find the option Extract with several modes, as well as the option to open with WinRAR directly. All you have to do is find the file, right click on it, and choose the desired option.

Whatever method you use, at the end, all your content will be unpacked and available in the destination directory that you have selected.