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21H2 Windows 11 introduces new important changes and improvements in productivity and design compared to previous versions and improved user connectivity
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Although smartphone use has grown around the world thanks to iOS and Android, and almost all of the software industry is focused almost exclusively on developments for these operating systems, the PC platform is still very important. That is why when Microsoft launches a new version of Windows, everyone's eyes are on the Redmond company, and with Windows 11, it was not going to be less.

Major design changes and significant productivity improvements

As usual in each new Windows version, there are performance improvements, but there are also changes in the design, and this time, the most important ones affect the Start menu, which is now in the center of the taskbar (although we can return it to its classic place, to the left), and when it opens, it occupies the central part of the desktop. This menu now has separate areas, instead of the classic animated tiles. Iconography has also been affected by these design changes, with new icons or more rounded edges.

Another important feature in this new operating system version is how the multitasking experience is designed, letting users place windows in different positions and further customize how they work with multiple applications or documents simultaneously. This change in the multitasking function is directly related to a boost in productivity that is reflected in the integration of Microsoft Teams, now natively present for messaging and videoconferencing, overtaking Skype in these functions.

In short, Windows 11 comes with conceptual updates in terms of how the user interacts with the devices and resources available online, used most of the time for both work and entertainment. These are the main features of the operating system developed by Microsoft:

  • Changes in the start menu affect its design and operation in some aspects.
  • Better connectivity with contacts, most used applications, and online resources such as news, games, content, and more.
  • Productivity is improved by boosting multitasking and letting users configure their own workspace with more freedom.
  • Microsoft Teams is now natively integrated and has a greater role in messaging and videoconferencing.
  • Aesthetic changes to update the overall design.
  • Incorporation of widgets to provide real-time information.
  • The Microsoft Store is redesigned to offer both video games and audiovisual content such as series and movies.
  • Access to the Xbox Game Pass streaming game platform with over 100 online games (for a fee, of course).
  • Native support for Android applications to run on the operating system without the need for emulators has been announced.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a 64-bit operating system.
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