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With Ninite on your PC you can keep your different applications always up to date. It runs in the background and you won't have to worry about anything


Automatic application updater

April 18, 2017
8 / 10

How many programs have you got installed on your computer? Are they all up to date? Don't worry, because now it's not necessary to go through them one by one to get hold of the latest version: to update the software you only need Ninite, a tool that checks in a jiffy which of your applications have been updated.

Update your Windows application in batches

You've only got to run this program, that runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10, and choose from the list offered, the apps you've got installed. It will take care of checking, in the background, if they've been updated and if so, will download the new version.

A comfortable way of keeping your computer always up to date.

It comes along with the following features:

  • Starts running as soon as you launch it.
  • Doesn't bother you with any kind of option or choice.
  • Installs the applications in the default location.
  • Always says no to toolbars and additional installations.
  • Installs 64-bit apps on 64-bit systems.
  • Searches for the language corresponding to your system or whichever one you choose.
  • Only installs stable versions.
  • Leapfrogs all installer reboots.
  • Downloads applications from official sites.
  • Previously verifies digital signatures or hashes.

And what programs can you update?

Well, all sorts really: browsers, messaging apps, image editors, compressors, runtimes, office suites... Therefore, you can update Chrome, Nero, iTunes, Skype, WinRAR, AVG, Avast!, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive... And the list could go on forever.

Without a doubt, the perfect solution to keep your computer in the best conditions, while saving time.

Elies Guzmán

With a degree in History, and later, in Documentation, I have over a decade of experience testing and writing about apps: reviews, guides, articles, news, tricks, and more. They have been countless, especially on Android, an operating system...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel