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Windows 8 was the operating system released by Microsoft to succeed Windows 7 and that brought important updates such as the removal of the Start Menu


The failed successor of Windows 7

January 17, 2017
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Even the largest and most important companies in the world of technology make mistakes and have to learn to overcome their failures: Apple and Google have done it, and so has Microsoft. Among the most resounding failures of the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, we can mention their late arrival to the mobile phone sector with Windows Phone or their failed entrance in the field of MP3 players with Zune, but if there's a major failure that needs pointing out that's definitely their Windows 8 operating system. Even so, some people like and that's why we are offering you the possibility to download Windows 8 for PC to try it out for yourself.

The regression of Windows.

Trying to be as correct as possible and without taking a huge dig at the operating system developed by the guys at Redmond, officially released in October of 2012 and that stopped receiving updates less than a year later, we could say that the world wasn't prepared for such a revolution on our desktop and laptop computers. A revolution focused mainly on the disappearance of the emblematic Start Menu and its attempt to optimize the interface for touchscreen devices, leading to a setback worthy of Windows Vista.

Microsoft tried to correct some of the problems of this operating system with the release of Windows 8.1 Preview and Enterprise, but it wasn't until the arrival of Windows 10 in summer of 2015 when the trouble was finally amended putting a full stop to one of the worst operating systems of all time.

Updates introduced in this version of Windows

Obviously, not all the features introduced in this edition were bad, it also brought along different updates that laid the foundations of the following operating system by Microsoft. Here's a summary of its most innovating features and functions:

  • New Modern UI tactile interface much more graphical and conceived for smartphones and tablets.
  • Organization of programs and applications by means of tiles.
  • The applications are launched on full screen removing all the toolbars.
  • New Start Screen from where we can open all our applications and access our favorite sites.
  • Removal of the classic Start Menu, replacing the majority of its functions with the Charms Bar.
  • Support for ARM microprocessors as well as the traditional x86 microprocessors.
  • Renovated Lock Screen that apart from protecting our computer can be customized to display notifications.
  • New version of Internet Explorer 10 adapted to touchscreens.
  • Integration of Skype as an instant messaging platform.
  • Multitask support to open as many applications that fit on the width of the screen.
  • Retrocompatibility with Windows 7 programs and applications.
  • Introduction of Windows Store as a platform for the digital distribution of contents, applications, and software.

How do I download and update to Windows 8?

Still want to download Windows 8 for PC after telling you about all its advantages? Then you should know that there are basically two ways of downloading an ISO and installing this system on a PC that we'll explain below:

  1. Method 1: through Microsoft's Evaluation Center you'll be able to download a trial version valid for 90 days, after which you'll need to get hold of a serial number. For such purpose, you'll have to register for free with your Microsoft account, indicating your personal details, the version (32 or 64 bits) and the language of the operating system you want to download.
  2. Method 2: through the Windows Media Creation Tool that you can download from its official website and with which you create your own installation media with a USB flash memory or DVD, being able to carry the ISO around with you wherever you go.

Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Seriously? If you're still asking yourself which is the best in the comparison of W8 vs W10 that means that either I don't get through to my readers or you've simply skipped all the previous paragraphs that have taken me hours to write. Basically, Windows 10 corrects all the nonsense introduced by the successor of Windows 7, bringing back the Start Menu, putting Cortana on the desktop, launching loads of useful updates, introducing us to an OS appropriate for both the desktop and tablets, and closing one of the darkest eras in the history of Microsoft. Therefore, here you have the answer that must settle all your doubts: the Windows 10 PC that I'm using to write this short review beats the hell out of any Win 8 computer.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version that can be tried out for 90 days.
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