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Complete pack of system utilities

February 16, 2019
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As time goes by any computer that is used frequently starts to become slower and, in general, its performance diminishes. This is due in great part to the large amount of trash files that accumulate on the hard drives and the erroneous entries in the Windows Registry file.

To be able to avoid the majority of these problems, and also be able to provide the computer with greater protection, you can resort to a program like WinUtilities. This pack of applications contains everything that is necessary to be able to maintain the computer in the best possible conditions, at the same time that it can help to encrypt and decrypt files, and recover files eliminated by mistake.

Tools available in WinUtilities

  • Clean Up & Repair: that contains all the tools that are necessary to be able to clean both the hard drive as well as the registry, eliminate obsolete shortcuts and uninstall programs securely.
  • Optimize & Improve: to defrag both the hard drives as well as the registry, optimize the use of the RAM memory, eliminate unwanted BHOs and select that files that will be launched together with Windows.
  • Privacy & Security: eliminate history files, monitor processes, protect executable files by means of a password, secure file elimination and file recovery.
  • Files & Folders: protect documents, locate duplicate files and split and join files.
  • Registry Tools: create backups of or restore the registry and search for specific entries in the registry file.
  • System Tools: system settings, task programmer, system information, auto shutdown programmer and shortcuts to the normal system tools.

As well as being able to launch each of the options separately, WinUtilities also has a section in which it is possible to carry out a system optimization and cleaning process with a single click of the mouse.

Therefore, if you want a pack of applications that will allow you to optimize your computer with great simplicity and without any advanced computing knowledge, download and install WinUtilities.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Some of the modules aren't available in the free version of the software.
Antony Peel

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