WinXP Manager


WinXP Manager is a practical tool to optimize your copy of Windows XP. Download WinXP Manager right now for free and improve how your operating system works


Pack of tools to optimize your Windows XP

March 23, 2019
6 / 10

WinXP Manager has a collection of tools to clean and optimize the Windows XP operating system. By means of a series of tools, you will be able to make your system work a lot faster and better, to increase its stability and security, you will even be able to customize Windows XP however you like.

Improve the performance of Windows XP

This collection of tools has a very simple and intuitive interface. WinXP Manager is divided into seven basic functions: system information, optimization, cleaning, customization, security, networks, and various tools. In each section, you will find tools that will help you to improve how the computer works.

WinXP Manager will allow you to clear the system of unnecessary files, solve the damage in the Windows Registry file, optimize the system startup, or to improve the graphic resources. It can also customize your browser, restrict the access to the system and optimize the Internet connection.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It only works on Windows XP.
  • The trial version can be tested for 15 days.
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