X Motor Racing


X Motor Racing is an interesting racing simulator. Download X Motor Racing and become an incredible driver behind the wheel of the most amazing cars


Compete with the best cars in this racing simulator

September 14, 2011
7 / 10

If you really like motorsports and you love driving, X Motor Racing will really amaze you. It is a racing game that offers great realism. This simulator offers a vast amount of customization options for races and cars, as well as a quality graphic engine. Become a professional driver and enjoy the speed of these incredible cars.

Enjoy the experience of driving racing cars

Choose a car, a track and start a race. Time your laps and improve lap after lap. X Motor Racing offers a very realistic and complete driving simulation. What's more, you will be able to customize the features of the car to adapt them to how you drive. To drive efficiently you will have to take into account important aspects like the banking of the curve, the friction and the wear of the tires, the temperature or the weight of the car.

X Motor Racing has various options with which to view the car and the track. You will be able to see the track as if you were the driver behind the wheel, from a side view or from a zoomed-out view that will allow you to see a lot more of the track.

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