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Analyze the content of your hard drives very thoroughly

September 14, 2020
8 / 10

It often happens that the hard drive's free space runs out without any obvious reason. And the main fault of this is that on someplace of the hard drive we have really enormous files that we weren't taking into account. With applications like Xinorbis, it is possible to find out what folders and files are monopolizing our hard drive's space.

Check your hard drive's status

Xinorbis has an interface that we might find overwhelming to begin with due to the number of tabs and options, but once we start using it we will realize that it is very simple to use. Each tab has information of one type: the size of each file or directory, disk usage, number of files, or the size of the folder.

This application offers valuable information if we know how to make the most of it, it can help us recover space from our drive because we can see the files and directories that are using the most space.

Furthermore, it includes a history feature that we can use to see a folder's evolution throughout time: its changes in size, amount of files, and other relevant information.

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