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Download Xpadder free to play with a gamepad with games that aren't compatible. Leave your keyboard and your mouse aside. Use your gamepad thanks to Xpadder


Play with a gamepad at games that don't allow it

May 2, 2012
8 / 10

To enjoy video games on your computer, the keyboard and mouse can be an emergency solution, but any gamepad will offer you more features and comfort. There are games compatible with this kind of controller, but others only allow you to handle them with the keyboard and mouse. For these cases you can use Xpadder.

Use your gamepad with any Windows program.

Xpadder allows you to make gamepads and game controllers compatible even when they aren't by default. This tool 'tricks' the game and will offer you the possibility to use these controllers, simulating that the strokes are really being sent from the keyboard and the mouse instead of being sent by the incompatible component.


  • Make games that can normally only be used with keyboard and mouse compatible with gamepads: DOS emulators, Flash games...
  • Use up to 16 gamepads, joysticks and even steering wheels, dance mats, guitars and drums...
  • Change the game's appearance.
  • Configure the necessary movements and store the profiles on your PC.
  • Use Xpadder with multimedia controllers or as a wireless remote.
  • Includes support for left-handed people.

Your rivals also use a gamepad

Using Xpadder, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP won't cause you any more problems when it comes to controlling a videogame. You'll be able to use your normal gamepad that you're so used to using with other games, and that guarantees the best control in all situations.

Download Xpadder for free and avoid that enemy that always kills you or that your race ends with a badly taken curve due to deficient control.

Héctor Hernández

As a technology journalist with over 12 years of experience in the world of software and apps, I have had the opportunity to try all kinds of devices and operating systems over the years. I have done from software or mobile applications reviews...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel