Game Accessories for Windows

This category doesn't offer you video games, but instead accessories that will help you to make the most of your favorite video games for PC

Cheat Engine 7.4 English

Tool to create cheats for games

TikTok Live Studio 0.11.2 English

TikTok's streaming studio to compete with Twitch

Hello Minecraft! Launcher English

Launcher for Minecraft

GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee MOD 2.1 English

Unlock all the game's options to meet up with your girlfriends

San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3.7 English

Enjoy GTA San Andreas online

GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Transformation Mod 3.8 English

Turn CJ from San Andreas into a Dragon Ball character

Xbox Backup Creator English

Create backups of your Xbox games

FPS Creator Classic 1.20 English
FPS Creator Classic 1.20

Develop your own FPS video games

PlayStation Now 11.0.2 English

Sony PlayStation's catalog of games via streaming

Valve Hammer Editor 3.5 English

Map editor for Valve games

Scratch 3.18.1 English
Scratch 3.28.0

Create your own games and interactive stories with this app

MCSkin3D English

Create your own Minecraft skins

Spore Creature Creator 14.0 English

Create your Spore species to conquer the Universe

PS4 Remote Play English
PS4 Remote Play

Play on your PlayStation 4 from your PC

RPG Maker XP 1.05 English

Develop your own role-playing game

Remotr 1.3.1438 English
Remotr 1.3.1438

Stream games between your PC and your mobile device

WBFS Manager 4.0 English

Software to create backups of Nintendo Wii games

Multi Theft Auto 1.5.9 English

Online gaming function for GTA: San Andreas

The Sims 4 Create a Sim English

Create your own Sim and export it to The Sims 4

Smart Game Booster 4.6 English

Improve your computer's gaming performance

Xpadder 5.3 English
Xpadder 5.3

Play with a gamepad at games that don't allow it

MSI Gaming App English
MSI Gaming App

Make the most of your MSI graphics card

Unreal Engine (UDK) 2011 10 English

Develop games using Unreal Engine 3

Minecraft Server 1.16.4 English

Create your own Minecraft Server

iCEnhancer 3.0 English

Great MOD for Grand Theft Auto 4

ArtMoney 8.10 English
ArtMoney 8.10

Create your own cheats for video games

Voicemod English

Change your voice in real time

iZ3D Driver 1.12 English

Manage to view your games in Real 3D

Roblox Studio 0.523.0.5230389 English
Roblox Studio 0.523.0.5230389

The development engine for Roblox games

Horizon English

Tool for Xbox game modding

MUGEN 1.0 English

Create you own combat games with this graphics engine

All-Seeing Eye 2.6 English

Find out the status of the multiplayer servers of your favorite games

ISO2GoD 1.3.6 English
ISO2GoD 1.3.6

Convert Xbox games in ISO format to GoD

Twitch 8.0.0 English
Twitch 8.0.0

The video game streaming service now on your desktop

Xbox 2111.1001.3.0 English
Xbox 2111.1001.3.0

The Microsoft console merges with Windows

Minecraft Forge 1.16.4 English

Install Minecraft MODs with this tool

Wii Backup Fusion 1.1 English

Create backups of your Wii games

PPJoy 0.83 English
PPJoy 0.83

Use your old video game console gamepads on your computer

Minecraft Modinstaller 5.0.8 English

An installer for Minecraft mods

OptiFine Minecraft Mod 1.16.5 HD U G6 English
OptiFine Minecraft Mod 1.16.5 HD U G6

Mod to adjust and improve Minecraft's graphics

Nexus Mod Manager 0.65.2 English

A MOD manager for your video games

Skyrim Creation Kit English

Create your own contents for this renowned game

Dundjinni 1.0.7 English
Dundjinni 1.0.7

Create maps and settings for your role-playing games

MultiMC 0.6.11 English
MultiMC 0.6.11

Minecraft launcher with multiple features

Cheats for GTA English

All the cheats available for Grand Theft Auto

Curse Client 7.5.6744.42746 English
Curse Client 7.5.6744.42746

Desktop client to handle game extensions

AMXX-Studio 1.8.2 English

Develop your own plug-ins for Half-Life

LaunchBox 10.15 English
LaunchBox 10.15

Manage your videogames collection

Crossword Forge 7.3 English

The best program to build crosswords

Xbox One SmartGlass 2.2.1702.2004 English
Xbox One SmartGlass 2.2.1702.2004

Improve the communications with your Xbox One

Frets on Fire 1.3.110 English
Frets on Fire 1.3.110

Transform your keyboard into an expert's guitar

Game Fire 6.7.3800 English
Game Fire 6.7.3800

Improve your PC performance for gaming

Discord 1.0.9005 English
Discord 1.0.9005

The chat and voice communication platform for gamers

Hero Lab 8.8h English
Hero Lab 8.8h

Create characters for the your RPG games

Xfire English

Messaging client for hardcore gamers

Speed Clicker 1.6 English

Automate FarmVille and Farm Town clicks

GameSpy Arcade 2.0.5 English

Online platform for multiplayer computer games

Logitech Gaming Software 9.04.28 English

The software required by your Logitech gamepads

Torque Game Builder 3.4 English

Great object-oriented game creation environment

Garden of Eden Creation Kit 1.5 English

Create contents for Fallout 3: New Vegas

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12 English

Create your LEGO figures with your computer

5star Game Copy English
5star Game Copy

Backup all your video games

SaveGameBackup 2.01 English

Carry out backup copies off your games and configurations

Cheating-Death 4.33.4 English

Software that takes care of detecting cheats in online games

Inventory Tweaks 1.63 English

MOD for organizing your Minecraft inventory

Game Accelerator 12.0.95 English

Improve your gaming experience

FarmVille Tools 2.4 English

Look after your farm and automatically harvest crops

AstroSynthesis 3.0 English

Generate your own universes for Sci-Fi games

Platinum Arts Sandbox 2.8.2 English

Excellent free 3D setting creator

Games for Windows English

A great utility for hardcore gamers around the world

GameHike English

Computer optimization focused on video games

GB Studio 1.1.0 English
GB Studio 1.1.0

Game Boy video game editor

PunkBuster 3.8 English

An anti-cheat system for online games

Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor 1.1.8 English

Crossword editor for PC

Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator English
Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

Add new characters to this great RPG

GameBoost English

Optimize your computer for games and the Internet

Technic Launcher English
Technic Launcher

MOD installer for Minecraft

LiteLoader 1.12.2 English
LiteLoader 1.12.2

Lightweight application to load Minecraft MODs

Razer Cortex English
Razer Cortex

Optimize your PC for gaming

Tunngle 5.8.9 English
Tunngle 5.8.9

A VPN client to organize multiplayer games

Xbox Original Avatars 100.1804.3001.0 English
Xbox Original Avatars 100.1804.3001.0

Configure your Xbox avatar on your PC

Modio 5.301 English
Modio 5.301

Game manager for Xbox

RaidCall 8.2.0 English
RaidCall 8.2.0

Chat service for multiplayer games

SideWinder Game Voice Share English

Speak with your battle mates

Flash Game Station 1.01c English

Play Flash games without using the browser

Fractal Mapper 8.0 English

Create your own maps for any role-playing game

WinDS3 English

Use the PS3 gamepads to play your favorite computer games

Game Maker Studio English
Game Maker Studio

Create your own video games

WOW Omen Addon 3.2.1 English

Control the Aggro of all the the Raid with this practical WoW add-on

WowMatrix English

Manager for WoW add-ons

PokemonGoMap 0.4.1 English

Pokémon GO radar for Windows

Razer Synapse English
Razer Synapse

Cloud controller for your gamepads

Unity Web Player 4.6.6f2 English

Plug-in to play contents created with Unity

Photon GameManager 4.1.5 English

Control games installed from an interface

SwiffOut English

Play Flash games on fullscreen with Google Chrome

GBoost English

Increase your computer's speed to be able to enjoy your games

Game Editor 1.4.0 English

Design your own games for various platforms

Impulse 3.25.520 Build 1660 English
Impulse 3.25.520 Build 1660

Download new games, and organize your favorite ones using this download platform

DOSBox 0.74-3 English
DOSBox 0.74-3

A method to emulate the MS-DOS operating system

GameGain English

Make the most of your PC's performance when you play

M3L - Magic Mojo Mod Loader 0.3 English

Tool to load Minecraft MODs

SkinEdit Alpha 3 pre 7 English
SkinEdit Alpha 3 pre 7

Skin Editor for Minecraft

Fallout 4 Creature Follower Mod English

Customize your pet in Fallout 4

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Companion English

Companion app to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Raptr 5.2.10 English
Raptr 5.2.10

Keep a strict control of your games and share your achievements

Combat Manager 1.6.8 English

Combat manager for your role-playing games

SteamTool Library Manager 1.1 English

Use more than one hard drive for Steam

StencylWorks 4.0.1 English

Develop your own multiplatform games

Helpinator 3.18 English

Write the help files for your games and programs

GameSpy Comrade 3.2.16 English

Play your games with your friends

WoW Gatherer Addon 7.3.1 English

You will be able to mark on the map where you have gathered valuables

Swift.ROM English

Manage all the game ROMs on your computer

AV VoizGame 6.0.61 English
AV VoizGame 6.0.61

Record and modify your voice while you play

Mumble 1.2.19 English
Mumble 1.2.19

Online gaming voice communication system

The Keep 1.01d English
The Keep 1.01d

Practical information manager for role-playing games

PCGen 6.08.00 English
PCGen 6.08.00

An application to create RPG character sheets

AutoREALM 2.2.1 English
AutoREALM 2.2.1

Develop you own maps for your RPG adventures

FRAPS 3.5.99 English
FRAPS 3.5.99

Carry out benchmarks, screen captures or videos of your favorite games

BoontyBox Play Toad English

Discover, download and play all kinds of games on your PC

Crossword Writer 1.00 English

Create your own crosswords of any size

WoW Group Calendar 5.10.1 English

Manage and synchronize your brotherhood's event calendar

WOW QuestHelper Addon English

Add-on for WoW that indicates the easiest way to finish each quest

Ventrilo 4.0.2 English
Ventrilo 4.0.2

Communicate with your game mates by VoIP

GameThrust English

Optimize the speed of your online games

Game Booster English
Game Booster

Fine-tune your PC to enjoy your games