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Activate games or download demos and presentations with the Games for Windows brand. Get hold of this desktop client by downloading Games for Windows free

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Microsoft, the most powerful software company in the world, has launched a tool, that has a similar interface to the ones used for the Live Essentials applications (Live Mail, Live Writer, Live Messenger,...), that is perfect to be able to enjoy the games published under the Games for Windows hallmark.

  It's a desktop client that will validate all our video games, that will allow us to download all kinds of demos, presentations and trailers distributed under this hallmark, and what's more, will serve as a registry for our accomplishments in the several titles that we have installed on our computer.

  Another important function of this application is that thanks to it, you can enjoy playing online and maintaining a list with those contacts that we have made while playing.

  The program's control is very simple and all the most important functions can be accessed from the main window.

  Download Games for Windows and enjoy all the most important games published for PC like never before.
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