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PunkBuster is a computer program that takes care of finding cheats in online video games such as Battlefield or CoD, and immediately kick them out


An anti-cheat system for online games

March 14, 2016
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We all have plenty of fun playing online multiplayer video games, competing against friends or unknown players from all over the world. But the fun starts running out when someone cheats or uses tricks to obtain an advantage over his rivals.

Over 15 years hunting down gaming cheats.

And that's where PunkBuster comes in, a software developed by Even Balance that intends to be an anti-cheat system, being installed on the gamer's computer and scanning the memory of his PC in real time to detect cheats.

What is PunkBuster?

Well, it basically behaves like a client-server program that, as we've mentioned, monitors the memory of online video game players and the game's settings to detect and avoid cheating. If the application finds a cheat, he's immediately kicked off the server.

The anti-doping agency for MMOGs.

But, who would want to install PunkBuster? Well, obviously anyone who defends the fair play of online video games, although it's true that this software is preinstalled and runs in the background of plenty of famous games: Battlefield, Far Cry, Medal of Honor, Quake or Call of Duty are some of the games that already incorporate this system by default.

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