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GB Studio is an editor to develop Game Boy video games that can later be shared over the Internet or played online by means of generating their ROMs


Game Boy video game editor

May 21, 2019
7 / 10

Game Boy Studio or GB Studio, however you prefer to call it, is the project built upon the idea of a developer called Chris Maltby who wanted to develop a game kind of similar to those of Nintendo's handheld video console. Therefore, once finished, he decided to bring together all the tools and scripts used under a single interface in order to provide other users the resources necessary to create their own video games.

Create your own Game Boy games

Thus, this is a program that follows the WYSIWYG development model to provide us will all the tools necessary to create our own video games, from the home screen to the maps in which they may be divided, as well as characters and other elements for our games.

This editor allows us to create video games even if we don't have advanced development knowledge and, finally, generate a ROM that can be loaded on emulators or even create a package that can be uploaded to a web so that our creation can be hosted online.

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