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AutoREALM makes it possible to design maps for role playing games. If you are a DM and you want to create your own scenarios, download AutoREALM for free


Develop you own maps for your RPG adventures

January 5, 2010
8 / 10

If you like role-playing games, you've surely thought of creating your own maps. To do so you can use AutoREALM, a program that with a little practice, will allow you to generate indoor or outdoor settings that are as varied as you want.

Really complete RPG map maker

To generate scenarios, AutoREALM allows fractal lines, polylines and even river or coast curves. It includes several forms of grids: hexagonal, triangular or diamond-shaped. In the design of the maps, you can fill any space with bitmaps. In addition, you can view the map from any angle and the program includes rosettes to be sure of which way is north.

This program is fairly complete. It is possible to take standard RPG measurements with units such as meters, miles, yards, or days on foot or horseback. You can use the automatic name generator or use its symbol library to mark each area of the map. All the details are there. Unsurprisingly, this program has been created by role players who felt that the existing tools were insufficient.

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