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Design your own maps and use them during your role-playing games. Create from fully fledged continents to dungeons by downloading Fractal Mapper right now

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Role-playing games can be incredibly entertaining, but for this to be so, a few factors need to be in place. Among them, a good map to guide us through our adventures is essential. To create your own maps with the highest quality, Fractal Mapper is definitely an option to bear in mind.

  With this program, creating entire continents and the deepest dungeons will be child's play thanks to its accessible interface. Logically, Fractal Mapper includes drawing tools focused on creating coastlines, mountains, caves, cities or spacecraft interiors, plus a good selection of icons and elements to include in our creation, which will help the map and the game to be much more interesting.

  It's possible to create notes on the maps and small commands in VBScript to generate better maps.

  Fractal Mapper is definitely a big help when it comes to improving the setting of any role-playing game, and creating a customized environment.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version don't allow to save the maps created and it only has a small sample of symbols.
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