Frets on Fire


To play Guitar Hero on your computer you have to download Frets on Fire. Import Guitar Hero songs and play the guitar on your keyboard with Frets on Fire

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Guitar Hero is probably the most popular and important of all the music games available. However, to be able to play this type of game on your computer the best option is Frets on Fire, as it has been designed specifically to be played with a keyboard.

Enjoy a Guitar Hero for computers.

By downloading Frets on Fire you will play just like on Guitar Hero, but the keys from F1 to F5 will replace the colour keys of the guitar neck and pressing Enter will be like strumming the strings with the pick. Thanks to the tutorial that it includes and the possibility to import songs from Guitar Hero or any others in OGG format, you can become the next guitar expert.


  • Keys from F1 to F5 and Enter to play the notes.
  • Tutorial to take the first steps.
  • Three songs to start off with.
  • Possibility to import songs in OGG format and also from Guitar Hero.

Download Frets on Fire for free and become the next Jimi Hendrix.

Frets On Fire
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