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Torque Game Builder is an extremely easy-to-use game engine. After you download Torque Game Builder you will be able to create your own computer games


Great object-oriented game creation environment

January 21, 2019
6 / 10

Have you ever thought about creating your own games? Well here you have Torque Game Builder (TGB), that uses the Torque 2D game engine, one of the most commonly used when it comes to creating minigames for computers, that has the added bonus of offering the possibility to be used for Mac also.

The creation of games at your reach.

With Torque Game Builder you'll be able to create all kinds of games, because it includes a level editor that allows you to place the objects by means of a WYSIWYG interface, with the possibility to apply particle effects, inspect and edit objects, or assign behaviors, what's more, it will take no time to compile, because the task will take place while you are working.

The well-kept interface of Torque Game Builder allows you to use high quality graphics without worrying about their use on computers with scarce power. On the other hand, since it's programmed in C++, you'll be able to directly access the internal command terminal to define all the orders by means of commands instead of objects.

And once you get used to the controls of Torque Game Builder, you'll be able to acquire object packs that have been specifically designed for a certain type of games, in such a way that starting to create games will become much quicker.

Therefore, if you want to design your own games, download Torque Game Builder.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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