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WoW Gatherer Addon will allow you to properly position on a map where you have gathered certain herbs, minerals and treasures, to be able to return later


You will be able to mark on the map where you have gathered valuables

May 7, 2019
6 / 10

Since it was launched, World of Warcraft (WoW) has become a great success worldwide, with millions of players from all continents, and due to this fact, the amount of programs that have been created to help the players during their adventures has grown and grown, like WoW Gatherer Addon.

An add-on necessary for World of Warcraft

This add-on offers the player quick access to mini-maps and general maps with markers that can be hidden by means of a series of filters. World of Warcraft Gatherer Addon separates the filters into three kinds: herbs, minerals, and treasures.

Using this software application is very simple, all the options that it has available will be shown from three tabs, furthermore, it allows you to show the information in percentages compared with the number of servers and nodes of the specific area.

Therefore, if you want to save all the relevant information in what regards to where you were able to gather herbs, minerals, and treasures, and to have quick access for whenever you need that information once again, download WoW Gatherer Addon, it is free.

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