Create your own crosswords of any size

September 22, 2010
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Crossword Writer is a tool that can be used by all those users that like to create crosswords from scratch. If you really like crosswords, but your tired of solving them, and instead you want to start creating your own, try out Crossword Writer. It's an application that performs three basic tasks: add words to the grid, indicate the direction and input the black boxes that can't be occupied by words.

  This application offers us several possibilities: we can create a crossword from scratch by ourselves, or allow Crossword Write to help us. It will allow us to use templates that already have the black boxes placed and, furthermore, it can automatically fill in the spaces that we indicate with the direction of our choice with words from its database.

  These words are in a database that'ss completely in English, but those users that want to create crosswords in foreign languages, to practice or just because it's their native language, won't have any problem at all.

  Try out Crossword Writer and it might just turn out that you find it more entertaining to create crosswords than to solve them.
Leticia Sorivella

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Antony Peel

Antony Peel