Tool to load Minecraft MODs

December 2, 2019
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Minecraft is a video game that has become a phenomenon and it has a huge user community that perfectly embodies the spirit of the game. More than anything, because they are able to develop extra content that improves and broadens its features. Clearly, we are talking about MODs.

A MOD loader for Minecraft alternative to Forge

MOD loaders are crucial to be able to enjoy the MODs. Without a doubt, Forge is the most popular among them, as with it, you can install most of the extensions developed unselfishly by many users. However, that doesn't mean that it is the only one, and M3L - Magic Mojo Mod Loader is proof of that.

The main reason to use a different MOD loader is that many of them are incompatible among them when content that Forge's API does not support is added. In this sense, M3L offers new possibilities as it doesn't limit these requirements and offers developers additional flexibility when it comes to programming. No wonder other MODs take advantage of this, as is the case with Tall Worlds.

Remember that to be able to use ML3, you must have the version 1.8.3 of the game and Java installed in the device.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You must have the version 1.8.3 of the game and Java to be able to install this software.
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