Garden of Eden Creation Kit

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Garden of Eden Creation Kit is a tool that has been developed to create contents for the popular Fallout 3 video game. Download Garden of Eden Creation Kit


Create contents for Fallout 3: New Vegas

May 13, 2019
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Garden of Eden Creation Kit, also known as GECK, is a program that has been designed so that the players can develop their own contents for the popular RPG Fallout saga. It is an editor that will provide us with everything that is necessary for the creation of characters, dialogs, cities, dungeons or practically anything that you can think of, thus making it relatively simple to add your personal touch to the game, without practically requiring any computer programming knowledge.

Customize Fallout 3 with GECK

The application uses various of the video game elements to be able to use them when it comes to creating places and enemies, in such a way that each time that you decide to create something different for the game, it won't look out of place and will look as if it has been created by the original designers.

The interface is similar to that of a 3D animation editor, that has various menus from which to be able to edit characters (skill, features, dialogs,...), weapons (power, elements,...) and locations (enemies, objects,...), among many other things.

Start to create your own contents for Fallout 3: New Vegas, download and install Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

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