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With FPS Creator Classic installed on your Windows PC you can make yourself a name as a shooter video game developer thanks to this 3D game editor


Develop your own FPS video games

March 7, 2016
8 / 10

If you're into first-person shooting games, just like Doom, Counter-Strike or Quake, you can now develop your own shooter even if you don't know how to code, thanks to FPS Creator.

A 3D FPS video game editor

This environment to create FPS games has just become open source, so now anyone can be a developer and, who knows, produce the next Half-Life or Battlefield. Creating games is very easy, as the application offers us loads of prefabricated elements to create our settings.

Become the new Minh Le.

With this 3D editor for action games, we only have to drag and drop components on the program's grid to start creating the levels of our next favorite shooter: labs, bunkers, armories, windows, doors, ammo, staircases, lifts, etc.

To all the latter can add whatever textures we want, modify the lighting and create corridors to connect the different rooms we've created, so that we can shape up the screens of our video game.

Create the best action game with FPS Creator

Obviously, we couldn't go without configuring the most important element of any FPS: our enemy. We can place the bad guys wherever we want on each level and provide them with artificial intelligence that will make the game easier or more complicated. You won't be able to complain about how unrealistic your enemies behave.

Loads of tutorials and templates available to create the perfect game.

Once you've created the game you can explore the settings generated to see how they look, find possible bugs or flaws and even experience all the action of your first video game for PC.

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