Remotr is a PC application with which you can take your computer games to Android or iPhone and play them wherever you go from your smartphone or tablet

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You can now take your collection of PC games on Steam or Origin with you wherever you go. The truth is that an application like Remotr Streamer allows you to play your Windows games on your Android or iPhone via streaming.

How to play PC games on Android?

This video game streamer has the answer to the previous question since it's capable of casting between the screen of your Windows computer and your mobile phone or tablet. It allows you to play on these devices without lags or interruptions, even the most demanding games in terms of graphics, adapting the control system in each case. And it does so by means of a system similar to the one used by devices and applications of the likes of Chromecast or Kodi.

For such purpose, you only need to install the iOS app or the Android APK on your devices as well as the streaming app on your computer. From there on, you can add games to the client and synchronize your computer and devices by means of a user account that you'll have to log into.

No worthy gamer can go without playing his favorite games whenever he wants to.

The good thing about this application is that you don't have to pay absolutely anything, it's totally free and you can connect all your Windows games, including those purchased from any kind of online platform as well as the operating system's native games like Solitaire. Furthermore, you won't have any problems to control them because it recognizes our smartphone's control system as well as external gamepads. However, you'll need an Internet connection, preferably WiFi if you don't want to waste your data plan.

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