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Add new characters to this great RPG

October 15, 2009
7 / 10

Dragon Age: Origins has been developed to become a classic when referring to video game RPGs, by mixing a story of action, violence and adventure, with an epic story with an incredible background. Something that hardcore computer role-players usually like very much.

Create characters for Dragon Age: Origins

In this adventure we'll become a Grey Warden, a member of the order that has been selected to protect the world against the Darkspawn. After the order is betrayed, you'll have to pick up your war gear, become a leader and protect humanity against evil by any means, taking all kinds of decisions that will affect the course of history and meeting new characters that will help you to accomplish your objectives.

The story will evolve depending on your actions and your playing style, but before you start you'll have to create a hero with which to live this adventure and to do so you can use Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator.

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