How to block adverts on YouTube with YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced has some advantages over the official application developed by Google. For example, it is capable of playing music in the background, even with the screen off. However, one of its strengths is advertising blocking.

You may be thinking that what follows is a long tutorial on how to eliminate advertising with Youtube Vanced. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this YouTube mode, the ad blocker is included and activated by default. Meaning that, in order not to watch advertisements, you have to do absolutely nothing.

YouTube Vanced eliminates virtually all YouTube ads. For example, those that appear before the display and all those that break into the middle of the content are automatically blocked. However, those ads embedded within the interface are displayed normally.

The differences between YouTube Vance and the original application can be seen in the following screenshots. Any advertising shown on the home screen or elsewhere in the application still appears on YouTube Vanced.

Adverts showing in YouTube VancedAdverts showing in YouTube Vanced

Similarly, the same type of advertising is shown on YouTube.

Another advertising bannerAnother advertising banner

In this case, YouTube Vanced offers the possibility to manually remove these ads. This is an experimental function that can cause stability problems. To activate it, open the settings.

Open the options menuOpen the options menu

Tap on Settings.

Open the settingsOpen the settings

Tap on Vanced settings.

YouTube Vanced settingsYouTube Vanced settings

Choose Ad settings.

Advert settingsAdvert settings

Activate the option Home ads (Experimental).

Block adverts on the home pageBlock adverts on the home page

This way, YouTube Vanced will also block ads displayed on the home page.

There is a difference when we start a video. In YouTube Vanced, playback begins immediately without ads, while the official application displays a commercial before playback begins.

Ad before a videoAd before a video

As you have seen, in essence, this module emulates the functions of the YouTube Premium subscription service for free.