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With Youzeek you will discover new songs and music artists to share with your friends on social networks. Youzeek plays their songs and music videos

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Youzeek is a platform with which we can discover music by genres and play it via streaming. You can make use of the different tabs that organize each genre or its search engine, which allows you to find artists and songs. The system itself suggests songs, and when we click on them, their music video is played in a pop-up window.


  • Discover songs and artists by genre or by means of the app's search engine.
  • Play audio and music videos.
  • Create playlists and share them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Save your songs in a folder on the cloud.
  • Search for your friends on social networks.
  • Create MusicRooms or take part in those of other users.

Let your discoveries go social

Youzeek allows you to socialize your discoveries, as you can use Facebook to share music with your friends or tweet your playlists. Nevertheless, one of the most interesting options are the MusicRooms, where you can create playlists with the topic of your choice and share them with any Youzeek user, even being able to chat with them.

Discover music, share it and enjoy it legally with Youzeek.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a Facebook user account.
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player.
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