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Z3X Shell is a tool for Windows that offers us access to the entrails of Samsung, LG, NEC or other Chinese smartphones so we can download and flash ROMs


Access the entrails of Samsung phones and other devices

January 22, 2019
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Z3X Shell is a tool for Windows that allows you to access the entrails of the system of certain GSM phones on the market such as those made by Samsung or LG. It's also compatible with other makes such as NEC or brands made in China. To start using it you only have to install the software, connect your phone by means of a USB cable to your computer: it will automatically detect the brand and model and will offer you all the information you need to know about your operating system, drivers, and configuration files...

The number 1 tool for Samsung phones and GSM solutions.

Main functions of Z3X Shell

The idea behind this development is to allow us to access our operating system's files, carry out repairs and manage the internal contents of all compatible devices. Carry out tests and debugging operations straight from your Windows PC, update the firmware of your devices... All sorts of advanced operations to upgrade your phone. You can also get hold of drivers and device files straight from the Internet.

If you need to flash a ROM or carry out any other sort of technical operation with your phone, check out Z3X Shell. It's also available as a Chrome extension but it's always a better idea to use it as a standalone app installed on your PC.

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