ZenMate is a great tool that allows you to configure a VPN for your browser so that you can avoid location restrictions. Browse safely with ZenMate

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People are becoming increasingly worried about their security and privacy when browsing the Internet. And for a good reason. Our searches are tracked by companies, our personal data is traded in, etc. Luckily enough, there are free tools like ZenMate that guarantee a private and safe browsing experience.

Safe browsing

When we use ZenMate, our Internet connection is encrypted, and our speed is increased, thanks to the use of secure and efficient servers. We can make sure our privacy is going to be in safe hands.

Access any web from wherever you are in just one click.

Avoid location restrictions

As well as providing the user with a secure browsing experience, ZenMate allows us to avoid those bothersome location restrictions that prevent us from accessing certain websites or services. ZenMate lets us configure and activate a VPN so that we can choose our location to avoid restrictions.

A simple and practical VPN

One of the advantages of ZenMate is how easy it is to use. We only have to install it and punch in an email address. We'll be provided with a password, and we'll be able to start using ZenMate. We'll see a green icon that will tell us that we're protected. We'll be able to modify the location of the VPN by simply clicking once on that icon.

Now with ZenMate you'll feel safe while you browse the Internet. Protect your privacy and access any web or service without restrictions.

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