Zentimo xStorage Manager

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Zentimo xStorage Manager is a practical tool to manage all your USB devices. Download Zentimo xStorage Manager and easily manage all of your pendrives


Useful tool to manage your pendrives

November 16, 2023
6 / 10

Zentimo xStorage Manager is a program that makes it really easy to work with various USB devices, due to the fact that it is capable of renaming the drives, showing the capacity, properties and free space of each of them, launch portable applications or carry out reading checks and data recording.

The program, that has a very simple yet modern interface, is divided into four main blocks:

  • Control menu: From this section you will be able to provide each of the devices the name that you want and, what's more, view possible changes to the hardware.
  • Letter management menu: With this function you will be able to assign a fix letter to each of the units that you connect to your computer regularly.
  • Application manager: Thanks to this option you can configure applications to be launched when you connect a specific unit to your PC or launch those programs that are stored on your pendrive.
  • Benchmark: Utility with which to check the writing and reading speed of a device.

If you usually use USB drives and you want to manage them properly, you should take into account the option of starting to use Zentimo xStorage Manager.

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