Mind Maps for Windows

In this category you'll have access to a large selection of software to draw and create mind maps and flow charts from your Windows computer

Microsoft Visio 365 16.0.12827.20336 English
Microsoft Visio 365 16.0.12827.20336

Microsoft's tool to create diagrams

CmapTools 6.04 English
CmapTools 6.04

Tool to easily create mind maps

Mindomo 9.2.6 English
Mindomo 9.2.6

Create mind maps from your desktop

Visio Stencils Universal English
Visio Stencils Universal

Collection of objects to create diagrams with Visio

Inspiration 9.2 English

Create diagrams and schematics automatically

Edraw Max 9.4.1 English
Edraw Max 9.4.1

The most complete diagram software

Visio Viewer 2010 English

View Visio files on Internet Explorer

Araucaria 3.1 English

Work with diagrams and arguments

FreeDFD 1.1 English
FreeDFD 1.1

A very visual flowchart editor

MindManager 2019 19.1.197 English
MindManager 2019 19.1.197

Create mind maps that gather all your information

LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.64 English
LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.64

Create diagrams about any communications system

ArgoUML 0.34 English
ArgoUML 0.34

Software to create UML diagrams

Visual Understanding Environment 3.3.0 English

Powerful tool for the creation of mind maps and schematics

XMind 8 Update 8 English
XMind 8 Update 8

Software conceived for brainstorming and mind mapping

ClickCharts 5.26 English

Create flowcharts with the best tools

Software Ideas Modeler 11.96 English

Stunning UML application

MindGenius Business 2018 07.00 English
MindGenius Business 2018 07.00

Increase your productivity thanks to mind maps

TreeView X 0.5.0 English
TreeView X 0.5.0

Create hierarchical diagrams very quickly

MindOnTrack 1.7.1 English

Task manager capable of creating concept maps

Bouml 7.8 English
Bouml 7.8

UML 2 tool to model systems

Dia 0.97.2 English
Dia 0.97.2

Easily conceive all sorts of diagrams

EDraw Mind Map 6.5.5 English

Arrange your ideas with this mind map program

DiagramPainter 1.1.0 English

Create your own digital diagrams

Blumind 3.17 English
Blumind 3.17

Create mind maps and schematics

Freeplane 1.8.8 English
Freeplane 1.8.8

Tool for creation of mind maps

Edraw Flowchart 8.7.5 English

Useful tool to create stunning and colorful flow charts

PersonalBrain English

Innovativing tool to create mind maps

SDEdit 4.2.1 English
SDEdit 4.2.1

Easily reate sequence diagrams free of charge

WinEsquema 5 English

Create all sorts of diagrams and concept maps

FreeMind 1.0.1 English
FreeMind 1.0.1

Program to make mind maps