The best Companion Apps for Android

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a second screen for your favorite video games and remain connected wherever you go thanks to our selection of companion apps for Android

EA Sports FC 24 Companion English

The companion app for EA's soccer simulator

WoW Companion English
WoW Companion

The companion app for World of Warcraft

NFS Heat Studio 1.5.0 English

Create your perfect car collection

Call of Duty Companion 3.0.7 English

Always connected to Call of Duty

Destiny 2 Companion 15.3.7 build #3382 English
Destiny 2 Companion 15.3.7 build #3382

The companion app for your Destiny games

Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion 1.5.0 English

A second screen for Red Dead Redemption 2

MyNBA 2K Companion App 1.2.0 English

The companion app for the basketball game

Assassin's Creed 4 Companion 2.2 English

A deck officer for your sailing adventures

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit English

The perfect complement for GTA 5

Little Nightmares Comics 3 English

Immerse yourself in nightmares in animated comic book format

LEGO Super Mario 2.8.1 English

The official add-on to the new Mario game

Mobile Legends: Pocket English

App that complements your matches in Mobile Legends

Flipper Mobile App English
Flipper Mobile App

The app to manage your Flipper Zero

Watch Dogs Companion: ctOS 1.0.5 English

The perfect complement for Watch Dogs

Warframe Companion English

An app for staying connected 24/7 to Warframe

Battlefield Companion 3.0.5 English

Now you can carry all the news about your Battlefield games always with you

Star Wars Battlefront Companion 1.0.6 English

An essential application to play Battlefront

World of Tanks Assistant 3.2.1 English

Information and statistics for the famous tank game

SwitchBuddy 2.3.2 English

Companion app for Nintendo Switch

Shiori for Genshin 1.3.5 English

A Genshin Impact database

Knowledge is Power 1.5 English

Control your games in the PlayLink title

Disney Lorcana TCG Companion 2023.2 English

The official app to manage your card collection

Magic: The Gathering Companion 1.0.736829 English

Organize and participate in Magic tournaments

Elden Ring Map 2.1.12 English

A complete Elden Ring map on your mobile

Riot Mobile 2.0.2 English

All the news from Riot Games games on one platform

FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion 1.19.5 English

Stay connected to Final Fantasy XIV

LOLSUMO 2.13.2 English
LOLSUMO 2.13.2

A companion app for League of Legends

Dododex 2.1 English
Dododex 2.1

The companion app for Ark: Survival Evolved

Companion for Fortnite 2.0.0 English

A second useful screen for Fortnite

Resident Evil Portal 1.3.2 English

A site that is all about the brand

LoL Adviser 2.3.7 English

Tips, strategies, and tricks for League of Legends

Ready Up for League of Legends 3.0.2 English

The add-on you need to have a blast in LoL

Detective Note Keeper 1.3.2 English

The notebook for your Among Us games

GO Companion 2.0.6 English

App with useful and complementary info for your Pokémon GO matches

Map Companion for PUBG 1.2 English

Companion app with the PUBG map

LoLegacy 1.219 English
LoLegacy 1.219

Stats and tips for better League of Legends gameplay

LoL Catalyst 1.45.6 English
LoL Catalyst 1.45.6

Companion app for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics