FIFA 19 Companion Android

With FIFA 19 Companion for Android you can manage your FIFA Ultimate Team and have it always up to date and ready to meet your goals and fight for rewards

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Although you may have seen Neymar's photo somewhere on this app, don't worry this isn't about diving or acting, it's soccer. It's basically the app to connect to FIFA's FUT 19 wherever you are provided that you've got an Internet connection. We're talking about the FIFA 19 Companion app with which you can manage your squad and keep your team always up to date.

FIFA Ultimate Team on Android

Thanks to this application you can follow your journey on FIFA's manager function based on the real-life performance on your players on every matchday, meeting your daily or weekly targets without having to be sitting in front of your PC or video console. These are its main functions:

  • Earn Squad Battles, Division Rivals or FUT Champions rewards on your phone.
  • Swap players for rewards. Increase the chemistry between your players by combining nationalities, leagues, and clubs.
  • Manage your squad and get it ready for the next match.
  • Design the lineup and manage players, managers, and consumables.
  • Compatible with the election of players and their items that you can add to the squad.
  • Sell players and bid for others and for consumables.
  • Purchase player envelopers using coins or FIFA Points. You can access special offers and lightning offers.

However, remember that to be able to use the FIFA 19 companion app, you'll need an Electronic Arts account and create a club in Ultimate Team.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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