The best football video game is back for the 21-22 season. EA Sports FIFA 22 is updated to offer the best virtual experience of the beautiful game
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The long-lived FIFA saga created by Electronic Arts' sports games division, EA Sports, continues to enjoy very good health. Just look at FIFA 22, the new installment of the soccer simulator par excellence that has been updated for the 2021-2022 season with improvements in the simulator that affect graphics and gameplay and, of course, with the squads of all the teams in its database.

FIFA needs no introduction. It is the most popular soccer videogame today, with the exception of PES, and has millions of players around the world. The reason is that it offers a game experience with its simulator that is difficult to match, a graphic quality that is improved year after year, the always attractive incentive of having the official squads of all the soccer teams that are part of its database (a great advantage over its great rival Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami) or the most important national and international official competitions (Champions League, LaLiga in Spain, English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, German Bundesliga, Ligue 1 in France, UEFA Europa League...).

What's new in FIFA 22

We already know what the historical virtues of EA Sports' soccer game are. But what makes it special for the 2021-2022 season and how has it been improved? We tell you about it below:

  • The new VOLTA ARCADE is included: a new way to play FIFA online with friends in games that go far beyond soccer. From launch it will be possible to play soccer-tennis, dodgeball, lava disc, quick shot, eliminator wall and team round.
  • With the VOLTA Soccer mode, soccer returns to its origin and purest essence: the street. Now soccer matches can be played in the street, as this is where many of the great soccer stars have been trained before making the leap to the grass. It adapts to this environment with techniques, filigree and animations, but also with new environments and scenarios that will take us around the world. Here we will be able to create and customize our players as we want (physical appearance and even celebrations). It is a game mode that includes quick matches, story mode, leagues... By the way, in its Spanish version it will be Ibai Llanos who will narrate the matches.
  • It includes a new lobby and additional updates of templates in which to share space between friends. Both the player and the other guests will see how each one modifies their skills or changes their appearance in real time.
  • Mode 4 against 4 online in which to play small matches of 4 against 4. The player will be able to join a game or form his own team together with three friends.
  • the option is added to personalize the stadium in the Career mode of FIFA 22.
  • New system of goalkeepers allows to make more reliable saves and to take better decisions.
  • The physics of the ball has been improved by readjusting the effect, the speed, and the aerodynamics obtaining that each movement seems real.
  • New gameplay mechanic: the explosive sprint. The player will be able to decide when to accelerate at full speed when approaching the opponent to increase his control of dribbling and defense.
  • Division Rivals and FUT Champions are redesigned. The player now has more customization options available to him than ever before, both on and off the field,
  • It is possible to be seen to play to some of the most admired soccer players of the history of soccer with Heroes of FUT.

Versions and price of FIFA 22

The game is offered in two different versions with varying prices:

  • FIFA 2022 Standard Edition: 59,99€.
  • FIFA 2022 Definitive Edition: 79,99 € per year.
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