The best soccer video game is back for the 20-21 season. EA Sports' FIFA 21 has been updated to offer the best virtual experience of the king of sports

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The long-running FIFA saga created by EA Sports, the sports game division of Electronic Arts, continues to be in good health today. If you have any doubts, check out FIFA 21, the new, updated installment of the soccer simulator par excellence. You will find graphics and gameplay improvements, and, of course, the updated line-up and players of all the teams listed in its database.

FIFA needs no introduction. It is the most popular soccer video game today (not that PES is at all bad), and has millions of players worldwide. The reason is that this simulator offers a game experience that is difficult to match, a graphic quality that is improved year after year, the always attractive incentive of having the official line-ups of all the soccer teams in its database (a significant advantage over rival Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami), and the most prominent national and international official competitions (Champions League, LaLiga in Spain, English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, German Bundesliga, Ligue 1 in France, UEFA Europa League...)

New on FIFA 21

We already know the traditional virtues of the EA Sports soccer game. But what makes the 2020-2021 season installment special? What improvements do we find? Here is a peek:

  • With the VOLTA Football mode, soccer returns to its original and purest essence: the streets. You can now play soccer on the street, where many renowned football stars began before they took to the field. FIFA 21 adapts to this environment with techniques, plays, and animations, and also with new settings and locations that will take players all over the world. Here you can create and personalize your players the way you want (physical appearance and even celebrations when they score). This game mode includes quick matches, history mode, leagues, etc. By the way, the sports commentator in the Spanish version is Ibai Llanos.
  • The improvements made in the simulator fall into three categories. First, a new, agile 1-on-1 dribbling system to perform new moves and plays such as dragging and spinning. Second, the football players' artificial intelligence has been increased to make them know the right place to go at the right time. Third, the collision system has been redesigned for more fluid player interactions across the field and reduced falls and stumbles.
  • You still have the Ultimate Team to create your dream team. It will showcase a hundred iconic players, including legendary figures such as Drogba, Essien, Garrincha, Zidane, Garrincha, and Kenny Dalglish, among many others. The season's goals have also been modified and expanded. New customization options have been added for you to provide your club your own personal style. Other cooperative gameplay features, such as Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Friendlies have been added, where you can play with a friend online against other players solo or in duo.
  • The Career Mode continues to evolve, especially the manager mode, after listening to the user community's suggestions. There are now press conferences and conversations with players. Player morale has also seen improvements, affecting their own statistics and even the statistics of the team.
  • Licenses continue to grow. There are more than 30 leagues, 700 clubs, and 17,000 players, as well as UEFA competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup.

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9th, 2020. Obviously, there will be versions for other platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the one for PC, thus reaching practically the entire gamer universe.

FIFA 21 versions and prices

There are three different versions of the game offered at different prices:

  • FIFA 2021 Standard Edition: 59.95 €
  • FIFA 2021 Champions Edition: 79.95 €
  • FIFA 2021 Ultimate: 89.99 € per year.
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