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Download the demo of Football Manager 2014 and try out the updates of this game's new instalment. Football Manager 2014 is the best game of its category

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Within the sports management games, the Football Manager saga is one of the most renowned. All its options provide it with great realism, thus simulating the management of a real football team in all its areas.

Football Manager is the best soccer management game.

In Football Manager, not only will you have to be concerned about coaching the first team, but also the youth teams. The challenge is rather complicated, as we can choose any team that plays in lower divisions to make it progress and promote to the top tier. For such purpose you'll have to make decisions regarding all its sections, managing the signings and transfers, as well as the tactics and techniques in games and training sessions.

Club areas to be managed in Football Manager

  • Club's signing and transfer policy.
  • Interaction with players, club staff and mass media.
  • Lineups, tactics, training sessions and first team matches.
  • Finances.
  • Youth system.
  • Staff.

Some of the most important updates in the 2014 version

In Football Manager 2014 several improvements have been introduced which you'll be able to find out for yourself in this demo. One of them has to do with making the most of the cloud, as the player can continue his game on any computer that has the game installed. The game's graphical engine has also been improved, presenting a better player animation and AI behavior. The transfer system, interface and interaction with the club's staff have also been enhanced, therefore, this game has become a real gem in sports management simulation, yet another year around.

Choose your team from the main leagues of over fifty countries and become a successful manager with Football Manager 2014.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo allows you to play half a season.
  • Requires Steam to be installed and an account with this service in order to play.
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