Football Manager 2022

One of the most famous sports management games is back: Football Manager 2022 brings with it new features and the necessary update to the 21-22 season
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Every soccer fan has a little coach inside, we always have an idea of who we would field in our favorite team or what tactics we would play with. Moreover, we even have a team president, because we also know which signings are necessary.

Well, we cannot give you the millions of Mohammed bin Salman, Al-Khelaïfi, Al-Fahim, or Rybolóvlev, but we can tell you that you can download Football Manager 2022, one of the oldest and most interesting soccer management games (the latter with the permission of PC Football).

Feel like a real club president

In this great classic of video games, you will be in charge of all the management areas of your favorite soccer team: team, training, transfers, player scouting, finances, club workers, and much more. Grow, climb to the top of the table, surprise the fans, and do what you need to be a great president.

These are the main features to have fun and take your team to the top of the game:

  • Compete in leagues in 123 different countries.
  • Spend small or huge budgets to guide the club to the top.
  • Create a complete coaching staff and addresses the day-to-day management of the club.
  • Choose from 2,500 clubs.
  • Over 500,000 players to choose from to build a roster full of stars or promising newcomers.
  • Employ your own tactics table and make your players successful by following them.
  • Live a realistic experience during matches and make good decisions in the course of the game.

But how is Football Manager 2022 better than FM21? These are its new features

Improvements and new features have been introduced regarding Football Manager 2021. These are the most outstanding ones:

  • The new Data Center lets the player use the same types of reports that are used in real life to make tactical decisions.
  • The animation engine has been improved to obtain a greater fluidity in each game.
  • It lets you organize the defense with a versatile central defender.
  • "Last day drama" is added to the game: the player will live intensely the most dramatic moments of the calendar with last-minute deals, meetings with representatives, and much more.
  • New meetings with the coaching staff and personnel to discuss training, signings, and player progress.
  • Improved fantasy draft mode.

It is a paid game, however, from Steam, the player can enjoy a Demo version with which you can try this great title and decide whether or not you are interested in purchasing the full version.

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