One of the most interesting features of Snapchat is its camera. With it, users can add filters to change the look of their photos or videos. There are lots of possibilities when taking photos with Snapchat's own app. However, it is possible that at some point, you may have wanted to upload photographs that you had previously taken. Is it possible? Yes, and below, you will find out how to do it with your Android phone.

First, tap on the memories icon, located next to the camera shutter.

Open the memories sectionOpen the memories section

There, you will see the different tabs available. Look for Camera Roll in this case. Open it to see all the contents of your device's gallery.

Camera rollCamera roll

From all the images, select the one you want to upload to Snapchat.

Choose a photoChoose a photo

Then, use the pencil button to edit the image. As usual, you can add drawings, text, and other interactive elements, such as links to websites. Then, tap on the nearby button to upload the image directly to your stories.

Edit or upload to a Snapchat storyEdit or upload to a Snapchat story

If you have already edited your photo and do not want to upload it to stories, tap on the paper airplane button to send it to specific users.

Send by messageSend by message

In the list, select the users you want to share the image with. Remember that you can add text by pressing on the Add a chat text field.

Choose a contactChoose a contact

As usual, on Snapchat, the content you send to your contacts using the method mentioned in this article will only remain visible for 24 hours. After that, photos or videos uploaded from the gallery will no longer be available, even if you uploaded them to your profile stories.