Even if at first glance you only see a screen with a bunch of apps and a nice wallpaper, inside your smartphone, all kinds of system files make it possible for your smartphone to work. Just like a desktop computer, but with different files. One of the most important file types on smartphones is the XAPK format. But what are XAPK files and what role do they play in your smartphone?

What is an XAPK file on Android?

An XAPK file is an Android app installation file that includes the APK plus some extra elements, which are additional OBB data necessary for the app or game to work properly. OBB files are usually downloaded automatically after installing the app, but sometimes it is necessary to have them available beforehand on your device. Specifically, OBB files include supplementary information, cache data, databases, maps, user data, and more.

What is an XAPK file on AndroidWhat is an XAPK file on Android

Now, XAPK files are alternative unofficial files and cannot be installed on Android as APKs are because the system default installer does not recognize them, so it cannot open or run them. All this means that an alternative installer is needed and that the XAPK files are not downloaded from platforms such as Google Play Store, but are found on other sources, such as this website.

What is an XAPK for: why is it useful and what kind of apps use this format

XAPK files are used to install applications and games on Android with all the necessary resources to make them work. This is very useful when the app, for some reason, does not run correctly and does not allow us to download the necessary OBB data.

Another reason to work with XAPK files is that often the most up-to-date version of an app is offered in this format. They are also an excellent option when an application does not work in a certain country. Since the OBB data is already included in the package, the application or game can be used in a different region without problems unless the app has geo-blocking measures, then you would need a VPN, but that is a different story.

Differences between an APK and an XAPK

An XAPK file is an APK plus OBB data. In other words, the main difference between an APK and an XAPK is that the latter comes loaded with the elements that an app installed with an APK will have to download later. As a result, XAPK files are usually larger than APK ones. But do not worry, they can be deleted once installed (except if you want to reinstall the app or game later).

How to open and install an XAPK file on Android

As mentioned above, opening and installing XAPK files on Android requires an installer (a third-party app). They can also be installed manually through a file explorer that can extract ZIP files (a function that almost all of them have), but the process is more cumbersome and does not always work.

If you choose to use an installer, you have multiple options available. Almost all of them work similarly, although we will show you how to use XAPK Installer in this guide. To run and install XAPK files with the XAPK Installer app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the XAPK Installer app on your smartphone.
  2. Wait a few seconds while the software scans all APK and XAPK files in your device storage.
  3. Find the XAPK file you want to install in the list.
  4. Tap the Install button.
  5. Grant the corresponding installation permissions in the settings menu (if you have not already done so).
  6. When the app asks you if you want to install the application, tap OK.
How to open and install an XAPK file on AndroidHow to open and install an XAPK file on Android

If you have followed the guide step-by-step and the XAPK file is working properly, you should have the app you choose installed in a few seconds. However, once you have installed an app such as XAPK Installer, you can also search for the XAPK file in your smartphone's file explorer and run it directly.

How to install an XAPK file on AndroidHow to install an XAPK file on Android

If you have several compatible apps installed, a menu will appear for you to choose one of them. If you choose XAPK Installer, it will open the app directly so you can install your XAPK without further detours.