0 A.D.


0 A.D. is a very interesting open source strategy game. Once you download 0 A.D. for free you will be able to decide the future of your own ancient empire

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There are multiple open source games available on the Internet, but it's not often that we find a game with such dimension as 0 A.D. This real-time strategy game is really spectacular.

Decide the future of your civilization

In 0 A.D. the player will be able to choose between three playing modes:

  • Scenarios: where you will be able to choose one of the civilizations that will take part in a specific battle. The amount of civilizations will depend on the area or time period chosen.
  • Campaign: direct a civilization throughout various scenarios, with the possibility to change the course of history, because nobody knows what would have happened if the Kelts had defeated the Romans, for example.
  • Multiplayer:play scenarios against other players over the Internet, thus being able to test your strategy against other players instead of AI.

Each one of the civilizations included in 0 A.D. has its own units that distinguish it from the rest, and the graphics used to represent each civilization are really incredible. To such an extent that 0 A.D. is one of the few real-time strategy games that include marine units as well as land units.

Another noteworthy thing about 0 A.D. (Zero AD) is that it includes a map editor with which players will have the possibility to create their own scenarios including the civilizations of their choice, as well as being able to modify maps to their own needs.

Therefore, if you want to play a really surprising and ambitious game, just download 0 A.D. free for your computer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This project is still in Alpha development stage, therefore it may be unstable.
  • Certain game elements may not be available.
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