Clash of Clans


Build your own village, join a clan, and take part in epic wars between clans in the famous Clash of Clans by Supercell, now on your Windows desktop

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Yes, even after being more than six years on the market, Clash of Clans is still one of the favorite strategy-based mobile video games for many users. With a 3D cartoon aspect, we can build and expand our village, create an army, and fight against thousands of other online players in a really addictive, fun, and never-ending game.

Fight to death against barbarians, wizards or dwarves in a world of fantasy.

Main features of the best strategy game for mobiles

If you decide to take on the CoC adventure, you can make the most of the best features in this field and spend hours on end taking part in combats in a world of fantasy:

  • Create a village with all the services necessary to grow, as well as decent defenses: cannons, traps, walls, towers...
  • Build a huge army with members specialized in different attacks and defenses.
  • Join a clan or create a new one to be more powerful.
  • Plan strategies according to the heroes available, troops, and spells.
  • Improve both your construction and troops to get more and more powerful.
  • Developers and special events, challenges, and all sorts of attacks to take part in.
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