A Sirius Game

A Sirius Game is a very interesting naval exploration, commerce and confrontation game. Download A Sirius Game and become the best captain available


Sail the seven seas

July 20, 2012
8 / 10

The stories of the pirates and the large fleets that existed during the era of the discovery of the New World have been the pivotal point for many games over the years, and here is a new one: A Sirius Game, that takes the basic idea but presents a story that takes place in an imaginary world full of islands.

Merchant and great captain

In A Sirius Game the player has to assume the role of the captain of a merchant boat with which he will have to sail the seas to be able to transport all different varieties of merchandise from one port to another with the basic objective of making a fortune.

As well as transporting merchandise, Sirius, the main character of the game, will have to work as an escort boat for other merchant boats, making sure that they aren't attacked by the pirates that normally sail these seas.

The combat system offers the possibility to use various kinds of weaponry and multiple improvements for the boats.

The game's interface is very clear, using rather decent graphics, because without being outstanding, they do manage to offer exactly what is normally demanded of a game with these features.

Download A Sirius Game to be able to experience great adventures.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download will install the components that it requires to work.
  • The demo only allows to play part of the game.

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