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Download Adobe Captivate and you will be able to create interactive learning and exhibition material for sectors as diverse as education and commerce


Create learning and teaching material

October 25, 2023
9 / 10

Adobe Captivate is the perfect tool to create online interactive learning and exhibition contents as well as for mobile devices based on HTML5. Whether you need to create commercial demonstrations of products, educational material or you just need to capture what's happening on your Mac's screen, this is the software for you.

Create a wide range of eLearning contents based on HTML5 without programming.

Main features

  • Import videos in AVI, MOV, FLV or MPEG format.
  • Publish on several devices and in different formats: MP4, SWF, EXE, PDF, Word, YouTube, HTML5...
  • Edit and record audio. Includes text-to-speech function and integrates into Adobe Audition.
  • Insert hyperlinks.
  • Carry out assessment and monitoring tasks. Learning management system compatible with SCORM and AICC standards.

Education and learning

Create online interactive contents in high definition for your students. Import PowerPoint documents and turn them into questionnaires. Make screenshots and create video tutorials. Use interactive learning elements. Apply a cohesive and unified style by means of themes, effects, and animations.


Carry out team work more efficiently. Host projects on the cloud and access them easily with software shortcuts. Share information with other users by means of Twitter's widget. Access databases with help and support information.

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