Adventure Chronicles

The Search for Lost Treasure

Adventure Chronicles is an attractive game where you will take on the role of Dr. Anderson, a paleontologist in search of new treasures for her museum

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After an earthquake completely destroys the history museum in which Dr. Anderson works, she must travel around the world once again on a mission to find new objects with which to replenish the collections of the affected rooms.

  With this background story, Adventure Chronicles is an addictive game, that will propose us different puzzles in various locations, with the main objective of finding new treasure.

  In every new mission we must analyze each scene, using typical paleontologist tools and looking for clues that an anonymous informer will leave for us, be it in our office at the museum or at locations we discover on our journey.

  The game has really nice graphics, and a really simple game system, making it a title that is apt for any user.

  Download the demo of Adventure Chronicles and enjoy the game for one hour, while you travel all around the globe trying to solve all kinds of enigmas and discovering objects that have never been seen before by mankind.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version only allows 1 hour of play. This download is an installer and it requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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