Puzzles for PC

To be able to complete these puzzle games for PC you're going to have to put your thinking cap on and use all your intelligence and logical thinking

Candy Crush Saga 1.2480.1.0 English
Candy Crush Saga 1.2480.1.0

The king of Match 3 games

Angry Birds 4.0.0 English

Help these birds to recover their eggs

Zuma Deluxe 1.0 English

Match all the balls of the same color

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.2.1 English

Rebel birds vs imperial pigs

Angry Birds Seasons 4.1.0 English

Celebrate the World's most popular festivities with your favorite birds

Angry Birds Space 1.6.0 English

Play with the renowned angry birds now in space

Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

Help out the pigs from Angry Birds

Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.251.1000.0 English
Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.251.1000.0

An even sweeter version of Candy Crush for Windows

Cut The Rope 3.62.0 English
Cut The Rope 3.62.0

Help Om Nom out with his sweet diet

Gardenscapes 7.8.0 English
Gardenscapes 2022.427.1328.0

Create a dream garden by combining fruit

Luxor 3 English

Eliminate the God of Chaos by eliminating color balls

Homescapes English

The Windows version of the popular match 3 game

Where's My Water? 2 1.9.21 English

Help Swampy the crocodile

Microsoft Jigsaw 1.7.1808.2102 English
Microsoft Jigsaw 1.7.1808.2102

Entertaining puzzle games for Windows

Peggle 1.0.1 Deluxe English
Peggle 1.0.1 Deluxe

Sharpen your aim to get rid of the orange pegs

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee English

A puzzle and platform classic

Penguins' Journey English

Heading to Antarctica!

Cut the Rope 2 1.39.0 English

Help Om Nom to catch candies

Bubble Shooter English

Break all the records bursting bubbles

Little Shop of Treasures 2 English

Raise money to refurbish uncle Roy's gas station

Minesweeper English

A classic with a renewed image

Burger Battle English

Prepare hamburgers to save the princess

The Lost Vikings English

Help three Vikings to return to their world

AquaBall English

Destroy the different objects on the screen

Bejeweled 2 English

Match identical gems to get as many points as possible

Microsoft Sudoku 1.7.10190.0 English
Microsoft Sudoku 1.7.10190.0

A complete sudoku game

Zaz 1.0.0 English
Zaz 1.0.0

Addictive game about removing balls from a maze

Call of Atlantis English

Solve the puzzles that will help you to save Atlantis

World of Goo 1.0 English

Use your wit to save the balls of goo

Simple Sudoku 4.2n English

The most simple and powerful sudoku pack

Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0 English
Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0

Wipe out a plague of colorful hairy bugs

Pet Rescue Saga 1.354.35.0 English
Pet Rescue Saga 1.354.35.0

Eliminate the blocks and rescue dozens of animals

Fishdom English

Decorate your aquarium in this Match 3 game

Tigerball 2016.125.1829.0 English
Tigerball 2016.125.1829.0

Addictive puzzle game

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter English

Help Tom to burst bubbles

Jewel Star English
Jewel Star

Remove precious stones from the panel

Ice Age Avalanche 1.1.0p English

A new Ice Age puzzle adventure

Can You Escape English

Solve the puzzles to escape from the house

The Secret Society 1.44.5300.0 English
The Secret Society 1.44.5300.0

One of the best hidden objects and puzzle games

Sudoku Mania 0.3.0 English

Play sudokus and create your own templates

The Fourth Wall English

Platforms, puzzles and logic in an original game

Bubble Burster 1.0 English

Burst the color bubbles on the screen

Safari Island Deluxe English

Move around a wild island solving puzzles

Phantasmat 1.12 English

Solve mysteries by finding hidden objects

Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven English

Get out of the cemetery by helping the spirits

Frozen Bubble 1.0.0 English

Have fun throwing balls with these penguins

Logyx Pack 24.02 English
Logyx Pack 24.02

Exercise your mental ability with this collection of 115 games

Cradle of Rome 2 1.1.4 English

Solve puzzles to become the Emperor of Rome

Enigma 1.21 English
Enigma 1.21

Puzzle game that is entertaining and addictive like no other

Bubble Train 1.0 English

A Zuma clone with plenty of interesting options

Torus Games 5.6.2 English

Eight entertaining games to have fun and exercise our mind

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 1.0 English

The next step in gem puzzle games

Flock! PC English

Try to kidnap Earth's animals to be able to repopulate your planet

Jewel Quest III English

Match the gems to save Natalie

Blocksum 1.0.8 English
Blocksum 1.0.8

Enjoy a different sort of puzzle game thanks to numbers

Sudoku Challenge 2.0 English

Spend your free time playing this entertaining pastime

Sudoku Portable English

Portable edition of the addictive Japanese pastime

The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales 1.88.57 English

Plan your strategy and face the walkers that threaten your survival

Pingus 0.7.6 English
Pingus 0.7.6

A Lemmings clone featuring penguins

Can You Escape 2 English

Solve the mysteries if you want to escape

Doodle God: Planet English

The universe's destiny is in your hands

Gems English

Game about lining up gems with great graphics

Little Things Forever 2.0.6 English
Little Things Forever 2.0.6

Find the hidden objects

Mah Jong Solitaire 2 English

The traditional Mahjong now on your PC

Rosetta Stone 1.1 English

Make words or carry out calculations to balance the scales

Little Wheel English

Help the small robot to reestablish the electricity

Ballville: The Beginning English

Join the creatures three at a time

Jewel Keepers Easter Island English
Jewel Keepers Easter Island

Join the jewels in search of the lost treasure

Me and My Shadow 0.5a English

Solve the puzzles of this platform game

Backworlds English

Discover what is hidden on each of the planes

QUBE 2 English

Put your mind to the test with this incredible game

Blocks That Matter English

Help this small robot to accomplish his mission

MarBall Odyssey 1.3 English

Guide the ball to its destination avoiding obstacles

Color Sudoku 12.1 English

Very colorful Sudoku

Blocmania 3D 1.1 English

A 3D Tetris on your PC

Super Clicks 3.0 English

Compete to see who manages to click less times

Super Balls 6.0 English

Obtain the highest score by removing balls from the board

The Stroke of Midnight English

Discover the long lost story

Puzzling Paws 2.0.9 English

Solve all the puzzles with Bruiser and Scratch

Psychoballs 1.2 English

Addictive puzzle game with balls

Gems 3D 4.00 English
Gems 3D 4.00

Order the gems to make them disappear from the board

Trinklit Supreme English
Trinklit Supreme

Solve all the challenges that this great game poses

Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen English

Take on the role of Venus Williams

Robin Hood English

Take control of the best know thief in history

Knightfall: Death and Taxes English

One of the most original puzzle games yet

Mahjong Hero 1.2 English

Have a good time with the classic Mahjong board game

In-Poculis Mahjong Master 5.83 English
In-Poculis Mahjong Master 5.83

Play Mahjong with more than 120 levels

Liquisity 2 English

Manage to move the bubble without breaking it

Big Box of Blox 1.1 English

Try your skills by combining the blocks

Mahjong Epic 2.3.6 English

Enjoy spending hourse solving the different boards

Wizard Land 1.10 English

Complete each puzzle to restore peace in the world of wizards

Memory Games 5.0 English

Exercise your memory with this entertaining game

QuantZ English

A new dimension in the world of puzzle games

Snow Queen Mahjong English

Enjoy one of the world's oldest board games on your PC

BrainsBreaker English

Create realistic puzzles with this images of your choice

Cheveree 3.00 English
Cheveree 3.00

Addictive version of the famous Zuma game with an online ranking

Neverball 1.6.0 English
Neverball 1.6.0

Prove you have a steady hand with this peculiar game

Bubble Town English

Amusing version of the classic Puzzle Bubble

Adventure Chronicles The Search for Lost Treasure English
Adventure Chronicles The Search for Lost Treasure

Help Susan to find the greatest hidden treasures on Earth

Classical Block 3.12 English

Designed for the amateurs and professional players on the mythic Tetris

Marbles 1.0 English
Marbles 1.0

Fight against time in this strange puzzle

Sokoban ++ 1.6.4 English
Sokoban ++ 1.6.4

The entertaining Japanese puzzle game

Pure Sudoku 1.5 English

Make the most one of the most entertaining Oriental pastimes