Super Balls


When you download Super Balls for free you will no longer be bored. Place balls of the same color together to increase your score by downloading Super Balls

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Here is a popular entertainment game called Super Balls. Your objective is to place the balls of the same that color forming a line, just like in Connect Four, but with the only difference that in this game you have to place five balls of the same color.

  With some skill, each time that you manage to group balls of the same color, whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they will disappear from the board at the same time that your score increases. There is a world ranking that you might be able to enter if you are skillful enough to obtain a score that is worthy of it.

  The game accepts several players and has various levels of difficulty, in the case that it is too low for you when you start off. Its interface is rather appealing, with eye-striking colors appropriate for the unleashed speed of Super Balls.

  Download Super Balls and enjoy yourself by removing balls from the board. Group the balls of the same color and make your score increase to try to beat the other users of the application.
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